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Why Choose An Architect?

Although in theory anybody can design a building, and there is today no shortage of 'designers' available, it is also true to say that architects are, in fact, the only real designed-trained professional operating in the field of building design. This fact is uniquely acknowledged in British law, as it is a criminal offence for anybody who is not suitably qualified to call themselves an 'architect' in any shape or form for business purposes. This 'protection of title' does not exist for others operating in the design, construction or property industries.
An architect should, therefore, be able to make a real difference to your project regardless of size and, in addition to their vision, bring a design sensibility and professionalism other designers would struggle to match. 
With this in mind, it is probably worth considering whether the 'architect' you are about to appoint is in fact an architect or somebody using the word in a misleading or colloquial fashion.
As Architects, we carry full professional indemnity insurance.
Stephen is registered with the Architects Registration Board and is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.